Tribute to Ryan Larkin

Many individuals have crossed our paths here at Harry Toulch Vision, and one of them stands out in the crowd. His name is Ryan Larkin, a Montreal-born artist and animator, once nominated for an Academy Award for the short film “Walking”. Larkin is also known for being the subject of the Oscar-winning film “Ryan”. When announcing his passing in 2007, CBC News heralded Ryan as a Canadian pioneer of film animation at the National Film Board. Many of us Montrealers knew him as a regular fixture on the Main, and a unique character.

Ryan was a regular client at Harry Toulch Vision, once even posing for us wearing a pair of original Oliver Peoples’ “1955” frames. This iconic frame style helped launch the now famous brand. David Sanders, our unofficial “official” photographer, took this photo in 1989.

Sadly, Ryan died five years ago after a battle with cancer. We fondly remember this creative, humble man and character extraordinaire.

We recommend to everyone who has the chance to see both films previously mentioned.

Please click on the image below:

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